In 1995 Barcelona City Council approved the accession to the Aalborg Charter. The decision involved working in accordance with sustainable development principles and was the first step to provide the city with a Local Agenda 21 roadmap.


Following an extensive consultation process, Barcelona defined its own Agenda 21 in the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability 2002-2012, a broadly supported document which defined principles, objectives and lines of action to move towards a better city.


The Commitment has been the city’s roadmap for ten years. With over 800 organisations involved, the network of signatories has worked to achieve shared goals, with a wide range of transformational initiatives undertaken by businesses, civic and professional associations, trade unions, foundations, universities, schools and various areas and districts of the local Administration.


During this time, we have learned a new language and developed a common culture. We have fine-tuned ideas about what is good for the city and how to achieve it. We have initiated collaborative projects and we have made indisputable progress. Perhaps most importantly, the citizens of Barcelona have begun to share new values which are being included in our planning.


The time has come to renew our citizen commitment for the coming decade, because there are still goals to be reached, because new challenges and sensitivities have emerged in this period, and because we want to continue being involved in building our city’s future.


The new document has been developed and jointly agreed on through many different contributions. Worth highlighting are signatory conventions and associated participatory processes, local strategic plans and programmes, working groups created specifically within the Municipal Council for Environment and Sustainability, international reference documents – particularly the strategy of the city network Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) and the Rio+20 resolutions – and reflections from the lecture and presentation series “Transitions towards a more sustainable Barcelona”.


Barcelona presents its Citizen Commitment to Sustainability 2012-2022,open to the involvement and contribution of all civic organisations committed to the future of the city. Everyone is invited to take part!


Documents of interest: